The Holy Sparks

And Their Redemption

In all that is in the world dwell holy sparks, no thing is empty of them. 

In the actions of men also, indeed even in the sins that a man does, dwell holy sparks of the glory of God. 

And what is it that the sparks await that dwell in the sins? 

It is the Turning. 

In the hour where you turn from a sin you have embraced you raise the holy spark entrapped by it to the Higher World of Heaven.

The Baal Shem Tov

Yoga Mandala

The literal translation of yoga means "union" with the Divine Cosmic, through initiatic fusion with The Hierarchy of Light, by scientific techniques for Self Mastery, or Self Realization.  This process involves, successive linkage, through active engagement of the individual in conscious awareness, taking personal responsibility for every thought, feeling, and consequential act.  Measured responses in stages, refine the personality, cultivate the character, uplifts through a higher initiatic standard the vision, conduct and expression in daily life.This is an enlightening and enlivening process, a fiery path, a mandala of absorption into the Sacred Center.  Being within the Sacred Center mirrors the perfect Agni Yoga, the fiery reflection, an illumined state of consciousness, unveiling the Invisible, Indivisible.  We then know the ritualistic step-by-step practical scientific methods applied, burn away old negative patterns; the universal law and wisdom infuses, inspires and nourishes the soul, bringing joy, confidence and peace of mind.This is yoga, the enthronement of the Inner or Higher Consciousness (christ-alized into Oneness, or wholeness) of the Divine, the Holiness of Being...

Fiery Warriors Beseech

Yoga: Fiery Path Of Enlightenment

Sutra 1:1  "OM: Here follows the study of yoga."

Sutra 1:12  "The control of these mental fluxuations comes through the right use of will and  by disengaging the mind from these thoughts."

Sutra 1:13  "The right use of will is to steadily be aware of the thoughts as they flow, disengaging the mind as thoughts sway away from the presence of real spiritual being." 

Sutra 1:14  "This conscious steady effort becomes a comfort, when practiced consistently and earnestly.

Sutra 1:15  "Consciously disengaging the mind from these flux of thoughts, is self mastery over the sensory."

Sutra 1:2  "Yoga is the cessation of the fluxuations of the mind, the cessation of delusion." 

Sutra 1:3  "Then the Seer abides in his true being."

Sutra 1:4  "Heretofore the Seer has been enthralled in the  fluxuations of the mind."

Sutra 1:5  "There are 5 types of mental fluxuations; some subject you to suffering and some do not."

The Exercise of Consciousness is the Yoga of the Heart 

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

"Prana is the fire that burns and is the sun's energy that gives light. Prana is the essence of the wind and the rain and the thunder in the sky. Prana is compose matter and is core earth, what is and what is not, potentially, and what is beyond in eternity."               
                                                                                                                                               ...Prasna Upanishad.

The Breath of Life, Prana Vayu, or Life Force (Nous) is directed through the process called pranayama, breath relay disciplines or principles of breath conduct and flow, more often referred to as a system of breath regulation and control.  All methods used in all types of pranayama must be directed to the expiation of the body through the kindling of the sacred fires at the heart.  It can be noted that of the myriad who practice pranayama, very few receive positive results.  Inquiry as to the cause of so few having results is answered by, "an indifference attitude towards the heart."   

No amount of effort toward the alignment of the body, whether in visceral heat of vinyasa or the methodical (personally adaptive) viniyoga, or kundalini yoga or even meditation (sitting, lying down, standing or walking) can effectuate the dynamic and powerful tension unifying the body, mind and spirit, because these are superficial, mechanical methods and means.  An analogy to this is, "the sun's energy is non-existent without the sun."   

Therefore, the heart will not be kindled without a conscious striving toward it.  A conscious striving toward the heart will hasten calmness (the true goal of properly applied conscious pranayama which is an unfaltering tension equilibrium which leads to nirvana.  The heart is the highway to the cosmic abode and the exercise of consciousness is the yoga of the heart.

                                               "O' Lord, give strength to my heart and power to my arm.

                               Because I am Thy servant.  In Thy Rays I shall learn the eternal Truth of Being.

                                                   In Thy Voice I shall listen to the harmony of the World.  

                                                                    My heart I give to Thee, O' Lord.

                                                                Sacrifice it for the sake of the World.'


                                                             They will ask Thee how to traverse life.
                                                           'Like crossing an abyss upon a taut string

                                                                   --Beautifully, carefully, and fleetly.'  


The Breath of Life: Prana Vayu

Follow Us

Lord of the 7 gates, lead us sunwards 

We who have past through the midnight.

Thine are our arrows, Oh Lord.

Without Thy Command, we shall not enter the city of rest.

Neither an hour, nor a day, nor a year will arrest our way;

Because Thou, the most speedy, holdest the reins of our horses.

Because Thou didst pass this way and give Thy patience as guarantee.

Tell us, Keeper, whence flows the stream of patience?

'Out of the mine of Trust.'

Agni Yoga,117


"The Bodhisattva is the mightiest of the warriors; but his enemies are not common foes of flesh and bone.  His fight is with the inner delusions, the afflictions of the self-cherishing and ego grasping.  Those most terrible demons that catch living beings in the snare of confusion and cause them forever to wander in pain, frustration and sorrow.

His mission is to harm ignorance and delusion, never living beings.  These he looks upon with kindness, patience and empathy.  Cherishing them like a mother cherishes her only child, he is a real hero, calmly facing any hardship in order to bring peace, happiness, and liberation to the world."

The Thirteenth Dalai Lama
(translated by Glenn Mullen)

  Mastery of Life.

        AGNI YOGA (Sacred Heart Fire) 



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Active Observation

We begin by observing the self in our various postures at home, at work or any social or private setting.  Then making small, incremental corrections, as we become more aware of our posturing (physical, mental and emotional), and focus gentle heartfelt efforts (which can result in an inner as well as outer transition, a change of heart, a shift in consciousness and commitment, an anointing, or initiation) to strengthen the body and the mind's resolve.  It has been said, "true striving is like fire."

Please make contact with any of the suggested trusted links for further reading materials, or to make charitable contributions, and/or upon acceptance as members, for time-tested and time-honored, systematic instruction.  These links must be sought and similar to the 'Brahman Thread' or initiation ritual cordlier, will link thee to thy own initiator as One Link to Light.

Suggested Remembrance: relationships of all kinds require an avoidance of extremes; a centered residence; an equipoise within the heart, i.e., a light-heartiness.

The key, an attitude of joy in the exercise of conscious moderation; a balanced approach and a thorough understanding of this cardinal virtue, as prudent,  This is a sure and true guide.

The Holy Sparks

And Their  Redemption

In all that is in the world dwell holy sparks, no thing is empty of them.

 In the actions of men also, indeed even in the sins that a man does, dwell holy

sparks of the glory of God. 

And what is it that the

sparks await that dwell in

the sins? 

It is the Turning. 

In the hour where you

turn from a sin you have embraced, you raise the

holy spark entrapped by it

to the Higher World of Heaven.

The Baal Shem Tov