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The Exercise of Consciousness is the Yoga of the Heart

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Agni Yoga Sacred Heart Fire

The Eternal Quest, The Song Of Light 

        AGNI YOGA (Sacred Heart Fire) 

Arhats, Hierophants, Yogins

In Silent Stillness

*Affirm the Hierarchy of Light.

*Affirm the center of the Heart as the Link to the Hierarchy.

*Affirm the refinement and cultivation of the ever seeking personality through vigilant attentiveness,  discipline thinking and the actualization of Mouna Vyakhya Prakatita Tattvam, 'Truth expounded by Silence.'

             Silence is the True, Perfect

             Teaching, Maha Upadesa

The Kalagni, Kalagni, Kalagni      

Lord Kalki (Maitreya)

It is the exercise of Pure 
Consciousness reverberating by Light, 
 'The Way of the Throne of Truth, 
The Heart,  Aflame

The Sacred Fire of the Heart is a consuming fire and thus the Sacred Chalice is overflowing with Grace and Beauty.

Beloved Siva is Paramesvara 
(The Primal Lord and Mahadeva), 

(The Pristine,Pure Consciousness) 

Parasiva (The Absolute Reality). 

Beloved Siva 
Clears the way for Divine Communion and Ultimate Absorption.  

This Clear Great Potentiality is the rhythmic pulsation of life and growth of the sacred flame of love within the purified heart. 

"Blessed are the pure in heart: for (pure in heart) they shall see God."  (Matthew 5:8)

The Holy Sparks

And Their  Redemption

In all that is in the world dwell holy sparks, no thing is empty of them. In the actions of men also, indeed even in the sins that a man does, dwell holy sparks of the glory of God. And what is it that the sparks await that dwell in the sins? It is the Turning. In the hour where you turn from a

sin you have embraced, you raise the holy spark entrapped

by it to the Higher World of


The Baal Shem Tov

The Holy Sparks
And Their  Redemption

In all that is in the world

dwell holy sparks, no thing is

empty of them. In the actions

of men also, indeed even in the

sins that a man does,

dwell holy sparks of the glory

of God. And what is it that the

sparks await that dwell in the

sins? It is the Turning. In the

hour where you turn from a 

sin you have embraced, you

raise the holy spark entrapped 

by it to the Higher World of 

The Baal Shem Tov

​​                                  To Be or not to Be, That, is the question." ...Shakespeare

Blessed and Beloved of every mystery school, order, successive lineage, whether known or unknown, active or inactive, one and all, divinely endowed and betrothed:

You are the initiates in the gifts of Light, Life and Love.  Lest you forget the Source from whence 
you come, or your reason for being...Lest you forget the Source,...Behold!  BE!

Be Whole, Be Complete, Be Purely God-Identified!  Be free of human limiting concepts, conditions 
and death; free from the entanglements of karmic crisscrosses.  Be..... Son-centered!....Luminous extensions; rays of light; eminent life-streams issuing out from the Great Hub of Spirit/Matter 

Obey the Law-of-the-One, the Law of Thy Being, the Law of Love, that Initiatic Christhood that eternally sustains the brightness of holy concepts over the earth and the souls of all men. The Law
of Love unifies, transforms and crystalizes you into the illuminati, the Enlightened One, the ensouled Buddhic Divine Mandala of perfect transformation and mystical transfiguration.

It is true no man shall see God and man.  No one shall see God face-to-face except he 
who is centered in Him, mind-full of Him.  The mirror of the mind is the mirror in which God is 
reflected, for it is the individual, who must perceive God.

For verily, ye are gods, yourselves, as the One, The Great Nameless One, The Omni-Present, Omni-Potent, Omni-Science, Source Of Eternally Abiding Currents Of Love, which penetrates veiling densities with the intensity necessary to raise awareness of the Power of one's true nature, that Glorious sacred essence and Illustrious high esteem in which one is invested. All the whilst, creating and framing........ universes with magnificence and holy radiance, Personal and Impersonal, visible and invisible, worlds without end.

The Cosmic Hierarchy, The Great White Brotherhood, our Masters of Wisdom, who are Holy God-Identified say there is no reason for religious, ethnic or racial conflict, or personal and planetary disharmony when the Truth is known.  In the Realm of Truth there is no separation. Truth unifies and is the qualifying spiritual fitness to receive.


Christianity speaks to the Christ I AM inside me (the Kingdom of God is within).  I AM That I AM.  
I Am Thy Kingdom Come, My Life is Thine, Creator of Space, Destroyer of time.  I AM the Life
Triumphant, I go and come in Thee. I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life, Eternally.

Allah is the All-in-All.  Shambhala.  I AM Allah. The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful, Master of 
the Day of Judgement.  Lord of All the Worlds. There is no God but He, The Living, The Self Subsisting, All Sustaining, The Eternal.

World Honored One, The Tathegata, Buddha, Thus said.  I AM Buddha where I AM.  The Blessed 
One states, 'Be, right in relation to where you are.  Not dwelling!'  Be, here and now, Centered in 
That; Thus, Mind-ful of, the Pure Presence, Being, unbound and clearly joyful, a heart true, non-dwelling, anywhere. Gone, Gone Beyond, A-Way Beyond concepts to non-self.  Now Ash, Peerless, All Seeing, Breathless.

ה, Yahweh says, "I Will Be who Will, Be.  Let this mindfulness Be in you which is in Me.  'I Will Be, without effigy, and Will Cause, That Which Is To Be, Indwelling, Life-Giving, Destroying, Doer and 
True, All Eternity.  YHVH, 'Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh,' I AM That I AM, Shem HaMeforash, the ineffable name." 

Krsna Consciousness is the Christ Consciousness, The Supreme Personality of Godhead,  The Great Soul, OverSoul............." whose transcendental form is full of bliss, truth, substantiality; each 
of the limb of that transcendental figure possesses, in Himself, full-fledged functions of all the organs 
and eternally sees, maintains, and manifests the infinite universes, both the spiritual and mundane."

This is Agni Yoga.  The Great Synthesis of Truth within the Chalice, That,  is a Consuming Fire.

This is the Final Initiation, the Initiation of Love, which purifies the heart, destroying all that is 
unlike love. The burning of all barriers by the sacred fire, broadens and seals the consciousness.

Inner-censed, infused and inflamed, circumambulating the consciousness at all points. This, 
the exercise of consciousness, is the yoga of the heart, and attracts and magnifies the 
 Overshadowing and Inspiration......

The seamless garment sown,

Go Be!  Live the Truth of Immortality!

Ye Redeemer of Humanity.

Be, "That," I AM.




I am not mind, higher mind, I maker, or memory; not hearing, tongue, smell or eyes.  I also am not ether, air, fire, water, or earth.  I am of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss.  
I Am Siva.  I Am Siva.

I am not the life force, not knowledge, not the five "breaths"; neither the seven elements nor the fine casings.  I also am not speech, hands, feet, or trunk.  I am of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss. 
 I Am Siva.  I Am Siva.

I have no hatred or passion, no greed or delusion.  I also am without pride and envy, without law and aim, without desire and release.  I am of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss. 
 I Am Siva.  I Am Siva.

I know not good or evil, not pleasure or pain, not mantra or sacrificial place, not the Vedas or sacrifice.  I am neither the enjoyer nor that which is to be enjoyed, and also not enjoyment.  I am of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss. 
 I Am Siva.  I Am Siva.

I know neither death or fear, and belong to no caste.  I also am without mother and father;  I am even without birth and without relatives or friends, without teacher or pupil.  I am of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss.  
I Am Siva.  I Am Siva.

I am free from change, formless.  I am omnipresent, even transcending the senses.  I am without liberation and impossible to know.  I am of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss.  
I Am Siva.  I Am Siva.



Himalayas  (1928) by Nicholas Roerich 
Courtesy of: Nicholas Museum, New York



The Way of the Heart

A is the Thought, the Basis from which came forth  tat savitur varenyam, an expansion into the physical cosmic plane Bhur, resulting as the exemplar expression of devotion in the first Veda, the Rg Veda.

U is the Light, the Primary Cause from which came forth bhargo devasya dhimahi upon which it expanded itself into the cosmic astral plane of Bhuvah as action or requirement to work (kriya-para) delineated in the second Veda, Yajur.

M is the Mystery, the Sacred from which came forth dhiyo yo nah prachodayat  which expanded itself into the cosmic causal plane Suvah and expresses as jnana-para or transcendent Wisdom in the third Veda, SamVeda.

AUM, indeed, is the inferior and yet is indeed the Supreme Brahman, respectively micro-cosmically external, and  macro-cosmically internal.

AUM, we meditate (dhimahi) on the spiritual effulgence (bhargo) of THAT (Pure Consciousness), Supreme Divine Reality (varenyam devasya), the source or projector (savitur) of the three phenomenal world planes, the gross or physical, the astral or psychic, and the causal or fiery potential subtle.

May the Supreme Divine Reality (Tat or THAT) stimulate (prachodayat) our (nah) intellect (dhiyah) so we may realize the Supreme Truth.

All thoughtful meditations of devotional sincerity are fiery, light-imbued and are of the sacred inner domain, for in the beginning was the sacred word, the word was with God, and the word was God. AUM, the Way, the Truth and the Life. The Way is the Eternal Seat  or Throne of Truth, the Heart.

The Gayatri Mantra is a sacred winged appeal to the Pure Consciousness, That which Is and Is Not, to illumine clearly to the unlimited heights and breaths our fiery Hearts.  Aum Bhur Bhuva Svah Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dimahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodaya

"Thou Who didst call me on the path of labor; accept my fitness and my desire.

Accept my labor, O Lord, because by day and by night Thou beholdest me.

Manifest Thy Hand, O Lord, because great is the darkness.  I follow Thee!"

  ...The Call To Shambhala (AY,104)

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